Title: Tweet at your own Risk


"As you sit on that wooden chair, staring into the darkness of night with nothing but flickering candlelight illuminating your face and thoughts, it dawns upon you – there is something amiss in this town." You have been feeling restless since yesterday evening. A chill runs down your spine whenever you hear someone or something moving around in the shadows outside. Your hands shake uncontrollably when you try to light another candle with a shaky matchstick.

You are not alone here at this abandoned space station, now turned into a medieval museum. There are other people – volunteers from different parts of Europe who work here as part-time jobs for extra income during their semester breaks or holidays. But they all left earlier today, citing strange happenings and inexplicable events that have been occurring around the station lately.

This town has always held some eerie vibes about it, but this year it seems especially gloomy due to an ancient evil force awakening after centuries of slumber. It is said that when midnight strikes tonight, it will bring forth unspeakable terrors upon those who reside here – unless someone can stop it by using Twitter!

You've been tweeting about these happenings with @MedievalEvil since yesterday. But no one believes you or takes your warnings seriously.

The midnight hour approaches, and the air around you grows colder. The candle flame flickers more erratically now, casting grotesque shadows on the walls of this abandoned station. It's time to act!

You take out your phone and fire up Twitter. You type a message: "@MedievalEvil has awakened. Please send help!"

Suddenly, you hear a loud rumble from outside, followed by a deafening screech that sends chills down your spine. The candle goes out, plunging the room into darkness. Then, there's a bright flash of light as if from an unknown source. When your eyes adjust to the new illumination, you see something standing in front of you – a monstrous creature with glowing red eyes!

You instinctively back away, but there's nowhere else to go. As the creature takes one step closer, its shadow engulfs yours. You feel a sense of terror unlike anything before as if you are about to face your worst nightmare come true. The next moment, everything goes black…

When you regain consciousness, you find yourself back at home in your bedroom. It’s morning now and sunlight streams through the window, casting long shadows across the room. You look around, puzzled at how you got here. Then you notice that your phone is still on Twitter with the message: "@MedievalEvil has awakened. Please send help!"

As you stare at those words, a sense of relief washes over you - because it means someone did believe and they're sending help! You sit up straight and wait for them to arrive…

The story ends here with the promise that help is on its way to confront the ancient evil. The protagonist remains calm despite experiencing an unexplained phenomenon, showing their determination and courage in facing adversity.