1. Title: Something Lurking in the Sewer

I was sitting at my computer desk late into the night when the screen suddenly flickered and went black. An eerie green glow emanated from within its hollow chassis, casting long shadows on the wall behind me.

"No," I muttered under my breath, "not again." This was my third computer that had behaved this way in as many months. The previous two were now rusting in a dumpster somewhere, their soulless eyes forever closed. But there was something different about the current one - Something lurking in the sewers?

My German-sounding name echoed through the vast, cavernous halls of my castle home high up in the Carpathian Mountains. The air felt damp and cold as I stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the dark forest beyond. A howl pierced the night air and I smiled grimly to myself. Perhaps this computer was different after all - perhaps it had been infected by a werewolf virus during production!

I decided not to risk any further interaction with my new 'companion'. Instead, I carried it downstairs and threw it in the nearest sewer grate. There might have even been a slight sense of relief on my face as the heavy lid clanged shut above the growling beast below.

I returned to my study, sat back at my desk and picked up another book - preferably one that doesn't attempt world domination by spelling errors alone.