Title: "The Ancient Evil Lurking in Medieval Times"

John Brown, a man with uncanny insight and an intuitive mind, lived during medieval times. His village was small yet peaceful; its residents were mostly farmers who worked the land or artisans who sold their wares at market.

One day, John noticed something peculiar about the field where he worked as a labourer - it seemed to be moving in odd patterns against his will. He attributed this phenomenon to restless spirits, but no one else could see what he saw. The land refused to yield any crops despite all their efforts, and famine soon struck the village.

One evening, while sitting by the fire with some locals who had lost their families to starvation, John shared his theory about an ancient evil lurking beneath them. They scoffed at first, but after a series of unexplainable occurrences — cattle disappearing without a trace and wells running dry overnight — people began to believe him.

Determined to confront the malevolent force, John embarked on a journey that led him straight into Donald Trump's castle. There he met with the enigmatic man himself who claimed ownership of all land around them due to his ancestry dating back centuries. "I can sense your fear," whispered Trump, "but I can also feel something else…it's powerful and ancient."

John nodded; he knew then what they were dealing with: an unspeakable evil trapped beneath their village for countless generations seeking release through human suffering. Together, John and Trump sought out a wise woman capable of banishing such spirits forever — or so they thought.

Upon arriving at her hut, however, they learned that she had been imprisoned by the same malevolent force years ago when she tried to destroy it once before. Her power depleted, she could not help them now unless someone brave enough would face off against this age-old evil itself…