Title: "The Abandoned Boat"

I wake up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. I open my eyes and see that I'm lying on a beach, with sand beneath me and seashells scattered around. As I sit up, I notice something strange in the distance. It's an abandoned boat that seems to be adrift in the ocean.

I stand up and make my way towards the boat, my heart racing with every step. The closer I get, the more I can see that the boat is old and weathered, with ropes hanging from its sides and barnacles covering its hull. As I approach it, I notice something even stranger - there are children on board, but they don't seem to be moving or alive.

I call out to them, but there's no response. I try again, this time louder, but still nothing. I realize that the children must have been abandoned on this boat for a very long time. I can't imagine what kind of tragedy could have led to this.

As I inspect the boat, I notice something else - there are strange symbols etched into the wood, almost like they were carved by children. They look like they've been there for years, but the meaning of them is lost on me.

I suddenly hear a faint cry coming from the water. I turn around and see something moving in the distance, towards the horizon. It looks like another boat, but it's hard to tell from this distance. As I watch, the boat starts to move closer, and I can make out more details. It's an old fishing boat, with a sign on the side that reads "Missing since 1987".

I realize with a chill that these children must have been abandoned on this boat many years ago, and now they are doomed to sail forever in the ocean, with no one to save them. I feel a wave of sadness wash over me as I watch the boat disappear into the distance, its ghostly passengers still trapped aboard.