10 Your story is set in a small town outside the main lunar colony. You're Dutch-sounding protagonist has just arrived to spend some time away from the bustling city. They soon find themselves at the center of a mystery involving a haunted house and the strange occurrences happening around it.

Title: The Haunting of Luna Manor

You drive through the small town, taking in the quaint architecture and quiet streets. You're excited to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the lunar colony, but something feels off. As you approach the outskirts of town, you see a large, looming mansion with boarded-up windows and peeling paint. The sign in front reads "Luna Manor."

You drive past the manor, but you can't shake the feeling that something is off about the place. You decide to turn around and investigate further. As you walk up to the house, you notice that the door is slightly ajar. You push it open and step inside.

The interior of the house is dark and musty, with cobwebs covering every corner. A strange smell fills your nostrils, something like rotting wood and mold. As you make your way through the house, you hear a faint sound coming from one of the upstairs rooms. It sounds like laughter, but it's hard to tell in the darkness.

Suddenly, a figure appears in front of you. It's a clown, dressed in a bright red and white suit with a painted smile on its face. Its eyes are empty sockets, staring back at you. You feel a chill run down your spine as the clown begins to follow you, making strange noises as it does.

You make a run for the front door, but it's locked shut. The clown is now close enough that you can feel its hot breath on the back of your neck. You try to fight back, but it's too late. The clown grabs you and pulls you into a dark corner of the room, where you're engulfed by shadows.

When you wake up, you find yourself in a small cellar beneath the manor. The cellar is filled with strange artifacts and trinkets, all covered in dust and cobwebs. You see the clown's face staring back at you from a nearby shelf, grinning menacingly.

You realize that you're not alone in the cellar. There are other people down here with you, all of them dressed as clowns. They move in a strange, unnatural way, as if they're not quite human. You feel a sense of dread wash over you as you try to find a way out.

As you search the cellar, you come across a diary belonging to the previous owner of Luna Manor. In it, you learn about the history of the house and the strange occurrences that have taken place there over the years. It seems that the clowns are not just figments of your imagination - they're real, and they've been haunting the manor for centuries.

You manage to find a hidden door leading out of the cellar, but as you emerge into the house, you see that it's filled with even more clowns than before. They surround you, their painted faces leering at you menacingly. You realize that there's no escape from Luna Manor.

You close your eyes and prepare for the end, but just as you think it's over, you wake up in your bed back in the lunar colony. The events of the past few days feel like a dream, but you know they're not. You can still feel the clown's hot breath on your neck and see its empty eyes staring back at you from the darkness.

You vow never to return to Luna Manor again, but deep down, you know that it's too late. The haunting of Luna Manor has claimed you as one of its own.