Title: Shadows of Ashes

I awake to a world that's gray and lifeless. My name is Kazuki, my heartbeat echoing through the void as if it were an instrument. There are no signs of life here except for me. This place isn’t just dead; it’s like someone took all color from existence.

The sun never rises above the horizon but there are clouds floating high in them. They're heavy with despair, their weight pressing down on my shoulders. I feel like a prisoner trapped in this purgatory, serving a sentence for sins unknown to me.

Sometimes, when the wind blows just right, I can hear faint whispers echoing through the emptiness. They're not human voices though - they sound more like an ancient language spoken by forgotten gods of nightmares. And then there are those shadows…they dance around me with sinister smiles etched across their faces.

I’ve been here for days now, wandering aimlessly without any purpose or direction. The Day of the Dead celebration approaches but no one seems to care about such trivial matters in this desolate landscape.

But then again, when you're already dead…what difference does it make?