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Title: La Guerre Terrible

La Guerre Terrible has been raging for years now, and there seems to be no end in sight. Frenchie, a young soldier who was conscripted into the army when he turned eighteen, is tired of all the fighting and killing. He just wants to go home to his family, but his commanding officer tells him that he needs to stay until the war is over.

One day, while on patrol in the desert near the alien planet, Frenchie's unit comes across a group of clowns. They are dressed in tattered clothes and their faces are painted with bright colors. At first, Frenchie thinks they are performing for the troops, but as he gets closer, he sees that their eyes are empty and lifeless.

The clowns start to move towards them, and Frenchie's unit opens fire. The clowns fall to the ground, but then they start to get up again. They keep coming, despite the bullets tearing through their bodies. Frenchie is terrified as he watches his comrades being attacked by these seemingly unstoppable creatures.

Finally, the unit's commander orders a retreat, and they run back to their base. When they arrive, they find that all of the other units have suffered similar attacks. The clowns are everywhere, and no one knows where they came from or how to stop them.

Frenchie is trapped in the base with his fellow soldiers, waiting for reinforcements. They are on edge, constantly looking over their shoulders for the next attack. Frenchie can't sleep, he can't eat, and he can't think straight. He just wants to go home, but nowhere is safe anymore.

Days turn into weeks, and the clowns continue to attack. The soldiers are running low on supplies, and tensions are high. Frenchie knows that if they don't find a way to stop the clowns soon, they will all be killed.

One night, while on guard duty, Frenchie sees something strange in the distance. It looks like a group of people dressed in white, with painted faces and red noses. As he watches, he realizes that it is a group of performers who have come to entertain the troops.

Frenchie runs back to the base and tells his commanding officer about the performers. The officer agrees to let them perform for the soldiers, hoping that they can lift everyone's spirits.

When the performers arrive, Frenchie is amazed at how different they are from the clowns he has been fighting. They are friendly and kind, and their faces are filled with joy and laughter. The soldiers cheer as they watch the performers do tricks and tell jokes.

But then, something strange happens. The performers start to act differently. Their faces become twisted and sinister, and their laughter turns into screams. Frenchie realizes that the performers have been possessed by the same evil force that has possessed the clowns.

The soldiers try to fight them off, but the performers are too powerful. They rip through the soldiers' defenses and begin attacking them. French