1. The protagonist's name is Lin Xue. She sat alone in her apartment, her eyes glued to the screen of her laptop as she immersed herself into the world of virtual reality.

The gothic castle at the foot of Carpathian Mountains was eerily beautiful - dark and brooding, yet majestic in its decaying grandeur. The air around it was thick with the cold breath of ancient times, a whisper of secrets long forgotten echoing through its halls and corridors.

Lin Xue found herself drawn to the castle's mysterious allure, eager to unravel its tales of haunted past. She walked cautiously down the worn-out steps that led up to the entrance, feeling an uneasy sense of anticipation fill her heart.

A sudden movement caught Lin Xue's attention. A little girl’s doll, with lifelike eyes staring at her from one corner of the room. It seemed to be watching her every move. Frightened, she tried to ignore it and kept walking forward. The castle loomed larger as she approached, casting long shadows that danced on the walls like spectral dancers.

She entered a grand hall filled with cobwebs and dusty antique furniture. A chill ran down her spine as she realized that no one else was present in this place. Only she existed here. She felt alone, vulnerable - an emotion she hadn't experienced since she first stepped foot into the world of virtual reality.

As she made her way through a maze of empty rooms and corridors, Lin Xue couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone was following her closely. A dark figure lurking in the shadows, just out of sight. She quickened her pace, only to stop suddenly when the doll appeared again. This time it was standing upright, its joints moving stiffly yet purposefully towards Lin Xue.

She backed away, fear gripping her heart. The doll stopped and looked at her with those lifeless eyes, their gaze seeming to penetrate the very soul of Lin Xue. Then it reached out toward her, its claw-like fingers stretching out as if trying to grab her.

Lin Xue screamed, her hands flailing wildly as she tried to push the doll away. But all her efforts were in vain. The doll continued its relentless pursuit, closing the distance between them. As it drew closer, Lin Xue noticed that its face had changed, now displaying a horrific grin full of sharp teeth.

Panic consumed her as she realized there was no escape. The castle seemed to become one with the doll, each room and corridor filled with it. No matter how fast or far she ran, it always found its way back to her. She finally collapsed onto the floor in exhaustion.

The doll stood above her now, its grin wider than ever before. It bent down towards Lin Xue, reaching out again with those dreadful fingers. But this time, something happened. The doll's movements slowed down, and then it stopped altogether. Its eyes lost their luster, and soon after, they were gone.

Lin Xue sat up slowly, rubbing her eyes as if waking from a dream. She found herself alone in an empty room with no sign of the castle or the doll. A wave of relief washed over her, followed by confusion. Had it all been just a nightmare? Or had something supernatural happened in this place?

Determined to find answers, Lin Xue exited the virtual reality and shut down her laptop. She looked out the window, taking deep breaths as she tried to calm herself. As she stared at the glowing screen of her device, a chill crept up her spine once more. The gothic castle had left its mark on her, both in the real world and within the confines of the virtual reality. And maybe, just maybe, the little girl's doll wasn’t entirely gone yet…